Qwik labs makes learning Machine learning easy

Feb 25, 2019

There are a number of ways to learn machine learning on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but my favourite is using Qwik labs. What's great about it is that each lab has a preconfigured environment that includes all the essential permissions and setup.

I've tried using the cloud services of Open Shift, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson and GCP and I found that getting the service working with the right options is a major source of confusion. I found AWS to be the hardest - their fine granularity of rules and privileges felt tedious. Qwik labs include a user login with the right permissions to complete the lab step-by-step. This means that I could realistically commit an hour to learning the basics of the Machine learning.

Qwik labs has pay-as-you-go or subscription pricing but I managed to get some free credits for attending the Google Devfest on air 2018. And I'm glad I did.

Peter Banjo

Written by Peter Banjo who lives in the United Kingdom.

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