Big O state of mind

I grab the mic and jump up to the right as does my asymptote. I never run more than once, man, 'cause to quote, “Overruns become the source of overflows”. Within the walls of operations, Big O is defined.

We conceive of memory and time, in a Big O state of mind.

Does the CPU have the juice? The clue is in the queue if you don’t want to lose out to complexity in a while do { }. Be in a Big O state of mind.

What more could you ask for? When I, operate in constant time? If you complain about how big the data is, this algo loves it though. It goes like a pro, "Go go gadget!", to the beat of the algo rhythm.

When I'm recursing I bless the call stacks and tail call optimise them. Sprinkle some holy water, cross the compiler, O(log)N is my bridge over disordered waters. Double the input and it only needs one more step over.

Linear takes one pass, but X squared is to be feared. Cubic? Exponential? Deadlock is what they deserve.

Yeah, yeah I'm checking the space-time.

And I'm gonna move the perf line.

Yea, yeah, I’m in a Big O state of mind.

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